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Denbighshire Leisure Strategic Development team take the lead initiative, working with key partners, to achieve the County's 'vision for Sport' and Service business plan.
The Development Team deliver a 'menu of opportunities' for residents within Denbighshire, continuing to cater for all sporting needs regardless of whether you are a beginner, or accomplished athlete, potential coach or volunteer.
Denbighshire Leisure vision is to get every person hooked on sport, participating or volunteering in sport 3 times a week. The Sports Development team’s philosophy is to ensure that all children, young people and adults have the opportunity to participate in sustainable high quality sporting activities.
There are many benefits to volunteering with Denbighshire Leisure Service, such as gaining positive satisfaction from helping others, gaining new skills through our national occupational standards training programme and making a contribution to your local community. We are interested in working with community volunteers who are interested in supporting or leading leisure activity provision in their community.
Our volunteering programme may be of interest to young people looking for practical experience that could support developing skills for employment as well as older people who may be interesting in ‘giving something back’ to their communities.
We have a variety of placement roles from supporting the delivery of sport sessions and officiating to organising competitions, marshalling events and/or administration within the day to day operations of the service.

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